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Double Sided Hibiscus Print

Large Silky Nylon Beach/Camping Blanket
$ 49.99

Our generously oversized 7ft (84") x 7'ft (84") beach blanket is crafted with an unique twist it will not blow away! Our ingenious design incorporates four corner sand pockets and four sturdy pegs (included) to anchor the blanket in the sand or ground.

Your family will enjoy many beautiful days at the beach or park on our Jumbo size quality beach blanket.

Each lightweight portable beach blanket comes with its own portable bag to toss over your shoulder for easy transportation.

Our blanket will NEVER BLOW AWAY!

Beach/Camping Blanket $29.99

Sunny has worked in the garment industry for 40+ years. We have always delivered the highest quality product for the best price. When we saw the other beach blankets, we knew we could make them better, bigger and cheaper. Incorporated the soft 100% polyester print with the 100% para-nylon backing, adding corner loops with sturdy pegs to anchor into sand or ground to assure blanket from blowing away. We make these blankets in factories that make only name brand products. Once you buy a Sunny's Beach Blanket , and you will soon be raving to all your friends!